Briefly in English

The Koponen Family Association brings together individuals who share the Koponen surname or have familial ties to the Koponen lineage.

The association is focused on preserving and celebrating the history, traditions and cultural heritage associated with the Koponen family.

The Koponen family community:

  • organizes annual Koponen family gatherings and more local and lineage based meetings and excursions
  • publishes the ”Koposten suku” (Koponen family) series of books to cumulatively document the family history and members
  • makes several Koponen family products (pennet, pins etc.) available to members
  • shares family stories, histories and significant family events and achievements, especially via the Kopsa biannual magazine
  • promotes and participates in geneological work, helping everyone connect to the extended family tree
  • helps people share their ideas and histories via an Facebook group

Everyone with the Koponen surname, lineage in Koponen family or connection via marriage is welcome to join the Association. Please use the online form to apply. Annual membership fees are decided by the association general meeting. 2024 fee is 35€, or 20€ for first year members. This includes a subscription of the Kopsa magazine. Please note that there may be extra delivery charges on magazines and products, depending on your location.

Currently the Association is run in Finnish. However, regardless of your level of Finnish, you are welcome to join, to take part and to contribute! We are a multinational family, and will be glad to connect everyone. As the roots of the family are deep in Finnish soil, and the Association has been running in Finnish since its founding, you may still find it helpful to use online translating services to access the Kopsa magazine archives, website contents etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Association or its board members for any inquiry or idea! You may use the contact form below, or contact any board member directly.